About Us

Early retirement often just concludes the first phase of one's professional career and then opens opportunities to apply well honed skills in new ways.  This was the case for Carole and Jay Fromer, owners of Products of Nature International.  In the mid 1990's the couple - Jay, an officer with a major insurance company, and Carole, a university professor, - took advantage of the golden handshake offered by their employers.

Operating their own business that offered products of high quality and value to consumers was a goal of theirs, so the Fromer's explored the available options. Their search resulted in the creation of Products of Nature International, Inc. which distributes a select line of the finest quality of 100% natural health and personal care products to people all over the world.  Their dream of owning a business had become a reality.

"We firmly believe in our products, use them regularly, and know you will enjoy using them as much as we do."