What Our Customers Say

Natural Woman Progesterone Cream

"I have been a faithful user of the progesterone cream for over 20 years and I cannot say enough about how amazing it is. Thank you for this wonderful product which truly has given me a greater quality of life."

RS, Pennsylvania

"I have recommended Natural Woman Progesterone Cream for over a year to my wife, family and female patients. My wife’s allergies of over 10 years cleared up after just a few months of use. Also, female patients of all ages have seen a reduction in change of life symptoms after using the cream."

LM (DC), Arizona

"You people are wonderful. This progesterone cream has been my life saver."

PM, Canada

“My female clients have reported beneficial results from using the Natural Woman Cream that have amazed me. Most women report feeling a difference within a few days.”

LC (ND), Georgia

“This product surpasses all other progesterone cream products I’ve tried. Within a few short weeks I found the symptoms I’ve experienced were greatly relieved.”

ML, Michigan

“The Natural Woman progesterone cream is our best-selling progesterone cream.”

HB, Connecticut

“After putting a dab of the cream on the back of my neck I never had another head banging migraine. It also tamed the other change of life symptoms I was having.”

CA, Texas

Relevamine GS Glucosamine Sulfate Cream With MSM

“Relevamine GS is the greatest product we’ve ever used. It’s been a blessing for my aches and pains.”

AV, Florida

“I am a massage therapist and this puts great strain on my fingers, especially my thumbs. I started using your cream and within a week all pain was gone. Every massage therapist should know about this cream!”

CS, Texas

“After a week of daily use, I noticed immeasurable improvement. After two weeks, I felt that I had my life back again.”

VP, New York

“This cream has been extremely helpful for eliminating pain from my hip to my knee.”

AR, Connecticut

“Another product almost as popular as Natural Woman is the Relevamine cream for arthritis conditions. I’ve had an overwhelming response to its effectiveness on all my patients using it.”

KM (DC), Florida

“Relevamine is a great product. It stops my knee pain, then I can walk.”

LK, Ohio

Revitalize Shampoo And Conditioner

“Your Revitalize shampoo is the only one both my husband and I can use without itching.”

DK, Minnesota

“Your Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner have changed my hair. My premature thinning was getting worse every month. In five short days of using your products, my hair is no longer falling out at the rate it once was, and it looks beautiful!”

LH, North Carolina

“This is the only shampoo gentle enough not to break my hair.”

PB, New Hampshire

“I tried everything to stop my hair from falling out but all in vain. This shampoo really works!”

SR, South Dakota

“Your shampoo really works. I have been using it for years. I used to have thinning hair. Now it’s really thick.”

ES, California

“My gray hair is not yellow but natural looking.”

JH, Indiana

“Finally! After years of putting up with an itchy scalp and continually losing hair your Revitalize All- Natural Hair Care System is helping. No more itching and hair loss is slowing down after just 5 days. Thank you!”

LC, Wisconsin

Four-In-One Moisturizing Cream

“I LOVE your Four-in-One Moisturizing Cream!!! My skin feels and looks great without a slippery residue. Also, it cured the rashes and red pumps I’ve had on my face for years.”

CW, California

General – All Products, Service, Etc...

“Your products are great. I would not want to use any other.”

NC, Alabama

“I would like to thank you for your excellent service and the delivery (today) of the products I ordered. I must congratulate you on providing me a most professional service (new customer), even though I reside in a small town in Wales, UK.”

RD, United Kingdom

“I’d like to let you know how wonderful it has been the past few years doing business with Products of Nature. The feedback from women has been outstanding. I look forward to many more years of doing business with you and your company.”

HB, Connecticut

“Thanks for being there and continuing to serve those in need with your fine products!”

WL, Indiana